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Scholarship Situation at a Glance

With players already committed from the Class of 2014, it can be hard to keep track of Indiana’s scholarship situation. Inside Indiana attempts to make sense of a simple calculation that has suddenly become complex for the Hoosiers.

The NCAA affords teams 13 scholarships, and Bobby Capobianco’s impending transfer has relieved some of the scholarship gridlock the Hoosiers were experiencing. IU is now in line with its scholarship limits — barring further changes — through next season with the aid of Capobianco’s move and the Big Ten’s “oversign-by-one” rule.

The statute allows coaches to sign one more player than they have scholarships available for to compensate for the attrition that has become common place in college basketball. The caveat being a current scholarship player must exit before the newcomer can officially join the squad.

At this point, Indiana will need to employ the “oversign” option to accommodate its five-member Class of 2012. With the announcement of Capobianco’s transfer, the commitments outnumber available grants by one. The Hoosiers can now sign the highly-acclaimed 2012 troop this November by utilizing the “oversign” clause. However, IU still requires an additional early departure from the class of 2009, 2010 or 2011 to bring all five players on campus as planned in the summer of 2012.

The situation could get even more complicated and require additional premature departures if Tom Crean’s talent feeding frenzy continues with players such as 2012 guard Gary Harris or big man Mitch McGary.

However, those are scenarios Inside Indiana will address if they play out. Until then, here is a snapshot of the Hoosiers' scholarship situation by class as of today.

Indiana Men’s Basketball Scholarship Allocation

2008 (Seniors-to-be)
Verdell Jones III
Tom Pritchard
Matt Roth

2009 (Juniors-to-be)
Maurice Creek
Derek Elston
Jordan Hulls
Christian Watford

2010 (Sophomores-to-be)
Victor Oladipo
Will Sheehey

2011 (Freshmen-to-be)
Remy Abell
Austin Etherington
Cody Zeller
Total Available Scholarships: 1

2012 (High School Seniors-to-be)
Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell
Jeremy Hollowell
Peter Jurkin
Ron Patterson
Hanner Perea
Total Available Scholarships: -1

2013 (High School Juniors-to-be)
Devin Davis
Collin Hartman
Total Available Scholarships: 1

2014 (High School Sophomores-to-be)
Trey Lyles
James Blackmon, Jr.
Total Available Scholarships: 1

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