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247 Sports Database 2.0 update

  • Saw this from Lucky and didn't see it over here. Figured I'd repost it. If a staff member doesn't want it just delete away...


    On April 15th, 247Sports will be releasing Player Database 2.0. With the release, we are introducing 8 new products to the recruiting product line. We expect the Crystal Ball to be the most anticipated and favorite product of the release.

    With the Crystal Ball version 1.0, 247Sports national and team site recruiting reporters will make their predictions on where they believe prospects will ultimately sign. In addition, we are inviting all other recruiting experts from other networks, newspapers and media to participate if they wish. They Crystal Ball will show (1) individual analysts predictions and a (2) cumulative prediction from the entire group of analysts. In version two we will allow users to make predictions for their message board reputations.

    Today, Noah and the 247Sports dropped a nice little surprise and extension to the product. They now added the ability for users to see (1) all of the predictions FOR a specific product and (2) all the predictions from a specific recruiting analyst. (see images)

    Again, we are very excited about this product because we believe it cuts through the noise and helps answer one of the two primary questions that users have in the recruiting cycle. "Where are they going?"

    Coming April 15th. The next generation Player Database.

    Click on the link for some pics and stuff to see what it will look like. Pretty cool stuff.

    247Sports Database 2.0 update

    Saw this from Lucky and didnt want it just delete away...


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