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A few programming notes

  • Just a few things ...

    +First of all, fear not, we will not be posting any April Fool's information here. Do not worry.

    +Second, the VIP Room will return this week, after a two-week hiatus. Sorry for the layoff, but the NCAA Tournament took precedent at the time. But it will be back in earnest.

    +Third, we will be out and about on the AAU circuit, with Alex and Zach hitting the road. We'll also be covering more of this baseball season, which continues to gain momentum. This weekend, in fact, could be rather important to their Big Ten fortunes. Indiana suddenly has the look of a potential regional host.

    +Lastly, I think Oaken beat me to this yesterday, but I wanted to repost it on a Monday: We've got a bunch of new database features about to debut, and an overview of what's coming later this month is posted below. We also have some cool screenshots attached. It's gonna be really cool, in my opinion. Excited to be able to get you ready for it.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend (relatively speaking, of course). Next few weeks should be fun. Here's our rundown of the new stuff coming:


    For the majority of users, the world of Recruiting (industry) comes down to just two central questions:

    "How good are they," and "where are they going to school?"

    Near the end of the 2013 Recruiting cycle it became apparent the world of Recruiting was filled with more and more noise. Between player twitter accounts and more reporters & bloggers than ever covering the phenomenom, it became harder for users to get consistent and accurate news. More doesn't always mean better.

    At 247Sports we have been committed to cutting through the noise and providing users the most accurate and unbiased news ... and deliver that news to users on a next generation platform.

    We've always tried to stay one step ahead of the industry. 247Sports was the first to provide a top 247 ranking of juniors. We were the first to provide an industry generated rating and ranking composite (247Composite) that ranks prospects well into the 1000s and we were the first to release an industry generated team recruiting ranking (247Composite Team Recruiting Ranking), giving users the broadest and most unbiased team ranking to date. But those features are just the beginning.

    In approximately three weeks we will release Player Database 2.0. We've taken your feedback, reprioritized our current features, and added eight new products to our database & profiles. And just as important, we have centralized our editorial policies and have the commitment of more than 60 recruiting staffers to manage the 247Sports Player Database with a high level attention to detail.

    We will have more information closer to release, but following is a sneak peek of a couple of the new products:

    "How good are they?" (SEE IMAGE)

    We already invest significant resources scouting and rating the nation's elite recruits. We are adding the "Ratings and Rankings History" to our next release. Users will now be able to follow from start to finish the ratings and rankings for each prospect. The product shows both ratings and rankings from 247Sports (team of scouts) and 247Composite (industry-generated). Users can now compare the two.

    "Where are they going to school?" (SEE IMAGE)

    247Sports wants to cut through the noise. Maybe the coolest product in the next release is the 247Sports Crystal Ball. This feature allows the entire 247Sports network of national and team reporters to put their reputations on the line and predict where prospects are going to school. It also records the date. We are going to open up this product to other recruiting analysts. Any recruiting reporter from a major media company (competing networks, papers, sports media) can also predict destinations. The Crystal Ball will give individual predictions and a prediction from a group of analysts. In the near future, users will be allowed to participate in the prediction process.

    There are many other key features/products coming to Player Database 2.0. The above is just a snapshot and we will have more details in the coming days. After 2 1/2 years of building the core infrastructure for the network, we are excited to now be in the phase of building innovative products and services for the industry.

    We are just getting started and excited about moving our efforts to message boards, interaction and mobile. This is just another exciting step.

    Zach Osterman // IU Athletics beat reporter // Follow me on Twitter at

  • Oops. My bad if I posted it early. Didn't think about it.

    mkillian247 on twitter..... I say a lot of stuff you wont care about.

  • You're good. I should have posted it earlier.

    Zach Osterman // IU Athletics beat reporter // Follow me on Twitter at