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Big Ten Officiating totally sucks !! Did anyone watch the

  • travesty Illinois suffered at purdue ??? First of all, there is no longer a "Deliberate" foul ! It is either a Flagrant One or a Flagrant Two. The new rules states that if a player swings an elbow and connects with an opposing player anywhere above the shoulders even if by accident it is a Flagrant One Foul and the player who was elbowed gets 2 free throws and his team gets the ball out of bounds after the two free throw attempts !! That is the rule !! It leaves no room for interpretation by a human official !! It has to be called a Flagrant One Foul !! Jacob Lawson swung his elbow and connected with Joseph Bertrand of Illinois in the head. Yet ,the three blind mice calling the Illinois @ purwho game not only did not make the Flagrant One Call, they called a foul on Illinois ?????????????? Every time I watched a non-conference game this season ( and I have watched and kept score of over 100 games already this season) the officials made the Flagrant One Foul call EVERY TIME that situation occured !! Why then does Big Ten Officials get by with not calling the game s according to the rules as set out by the NCAA or whomever makes the rules for College Hoops ???????

  • I thought the refs were terrible in that game as well. They allowed Purdue to to play the clutch and grab/rape and pillage perimeter defense that Duke plays which made it impossible for Illinois' guards to do much of anything. I don't mind physical basketball but defense with the hands, particularly on the perimeter, needs to be addressed by the refs and not rewarded as it was in that game.