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Big Ten to annually distribute postgraduate scholarships

  • Amidst all this Jurkin/Perea news, a bit of news today went under the radar. The Big Ten Conference announced that starting in May of 2013, the conference will give out scholarships to outstanding student-athletes. The details are as follows:

    - The Big Ten will give out $7,500 scholarships to 24 student athletes (a male and female from each university).

    - Each school will have its own specifics for selecting the recipients, but the Big Ten says to be considered, the student-athletes must have a 3.2 GPA.

    - The scholarships will go only to those who plan to continue their education, and they must be in their final year of eligibility. They must also have been accepted into a graduate program within three years from the fall semester after selection.

    - Scholarship money can only be used for postgraduate education expenses, such as tuition, room and board, books, etc.

    Just something I thought was interesting to share with everyone. It doesn't necessarily mean we're on track to be paying student-athletes anytime soon, but it's a miniscule step toward that.

    The three-year time span is interesting, as astute athletes who try to go pro but are phased out within three years (think Ben Chappell here) will possibly be encouraged to instead pursue postgraduate degrees instead of trying to continue playing professionally. Just a thought.

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