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Dave Scnell,Joplin,Missouri, Bloomington,Indiana Storm

  • So much bad News all at one time. 116 dead in the killer tornado in Joplin,Missouri. Worst tornado in America in over 50 years. It was reported to be 6 miles long and 1/2 Mile wide. Incredible damage & loss of Life.
    Dave Schnell: My best Football memory was being in Memorial Stadium when IU defeated the mighty Bo Schembechler & the mighty Michigan Wolverines. Even though it was an afternoon game it got so dark that they had to turn on the stadium lights ! What a thrill that game was. Thanks,Dave & AT.
    Yesterday(in case you hadn't heard) a very strong storm hit Bloomington May 23,2011. Several trees were downed all over Bloomington and power lines were down. Power was off in my building for over 5 hours and I just got my internet,phone, and television service restored by Comcast Cable. a very short time ago. An apartment building was hit by an uprooted huge tree that damaged 2 or 3 apartments. Luckily,no one was injured or killed. As far as I know, there were no fatalities anywhere in Bloomington due to this storm.
    May God be with the victims,their families , & friends any place where one of these killer tornadoes has struck this year !!

  • With these storms right on the heels of what happened in Alabama and across the Southeast, it has certainly been a turbulent spring thus far. Dave Schnell was overshadowed by the exploits of Anthony Thompson, but he was part of three bowl teams, still ranks third on IU's all-time passing yardage list and is the only QB in Indiana history to lead the Hoosiers to victory over Ohio State and Michigan in the same season. His death at the age of 44 is tragic.

    Ed Magoni // Publisher of Inside Indiana Magazine // Follow me on Twitter at