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Florida Gulf Coast is One of the teams that had ALL 5 Starters

  • back,but even I didn't expect their "Upset" of highly regarded Georgetown . I did not watch that game[darn] but i will watch their game today versus San Diego State. It will be interesting if they can maintain the effort it took to beat the Hoyas ?? Here are the games I'm watching and keeping score of today:
    1.Iowa State versus Ohio State at 12:15 on CBS..( I love the Big Ten but I think this could be an upset as Iowa State can score, score,score )
    2. IU versus Temple of course at 2:45 on CBS .. Should be a war.
    3. Florida Gulf Coast versus San Diego State at 7PM on TBS. I want to see if FGC is that good or was Georgetown just that bad ??
    4. Creighton versus Duke at 9:40 PM on TBS.. If Creighton's supporting cast help's Doug McDermott out with some scoring,defense, & rebounding--- this could be another Missouri Valley Shocker like Wichita State's 2 wins over Pittsburgh and Gonzaga !!!!!
    The Missouri Valley always has some very good underrated [?] teams. Does anyone remember Northern Iowa's win over Kansas in the DANCE ?????