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Hoopsnut 5 Told you so way back on March 21,2011

  • That Coach Crean told him that some players from the 2010-2011 roster would not be back for 2011-2012. Old hoopsy took a lot of silly flak for that post at, but I guess he was telling the truth after all!!
    Matt Roth supposedly graduated in 3 years and I think he might not be back in 2011-2012 either. At any rate, I'm betting Hoopsnut 5 is now the one now doing the laughing??

    This post was edited by hoosiertildeath 3 years ago

  • He who laughs last...

    I don't know why Hoopsnut caught so much flak. I simple review of the scholarship situation would have indicated that someone (actually two someones) needed to leave early in order to make room for the 2012 class. It wasn't a matter of if, but when and who.

    Keep in mind that Matt's decision to return to Indiana or pursue a different major at another institution as a grad student won't affect the 2012 scholarship situation. His grant is already being counted in the total of four available for 2012 since he's entering his senior season.

    Ed Magoni // Publisher of Inside Indiana Magazine // Follow me on Twitter at

  • Actually, If Matt Roth does not return for the 2011-2012 season, Coach crean could still add 2 more players for 2011-2012 and let 2012-2013 take care of itself when the time arises! That is the point Hoopsy was trying to make ,I believe. That is, Coach Crean told him some players would not be back for 2011-2012. I believe Crean is trying to get the best athletes possible and I believe there are still several good players out there that have not yet hooked up with a school for 2011-2012. I have seen teams add good players as late as August. At any rate, one thing that sticks in my craw is that Purdue has already announced their complete non-conference schedule. Several websites have already updated their rosters for 2011-2012. Hoosier fans usually have to wait until about August to get a roster update with the new players jersey numbers and the non-conference schedule. Could IU at least reveal a partial schedule of the games they have already finalized???

  • IU doesn't usually release its schedule until it has vast majority of television coverage worked out. Some of the late season games are always contingent on what matchup looks better for ratings by February and March, but until the Big Ten Network releases its basketball coverage schedule you can expect Indiana's schedule to by kept under wraps. Of course, info on a few opponents will leak out, but dates, times and TV coverage will remain clouded in mystery.

    Ed Magoni // Publisher of Inside Indiana Magazine // Follow me on Twitter at