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IU Mens Hoops Squad posts 4th. STRAIGHT B10 ROAD WIN

  • This is the way I think the headlines should have read instead of the headlines that I have seen such as "Hoosiers hang on , etc,etc. !! IU jumped out to a double -digit lead at Northwestern (The same Widcat team that had just defeated Illinois at Illinois by 14 POINTS!!!!) IU never trailed the entire game AT Northwestern and won by 8 points !! Does Indiana have to win every game by 50 points to please all Hoosier Fans ?????????? I know , I was the most vocal IU fan to raise a ruckus when IU lost by 2 points in overtime to Butler !! I must plead "temporary insanity" for that,vbg. !! However, I have since regained my sanity,vbg. When I finally got it through my thick skull that IU has not had its entire roster 100 % eligible or 100 & healthy at any time since the season started way back on Friday, November 9, 2012 , YET they have won 16 of 18 games and the 2 losses have been by a total of only 7 points and one of those losses was by 2 points in overtime to a team that is now also 16 & 2 and rated in the TOP TEN in the current polls[Butler] !! The other loss was a 5 point loss to Wisconsin, a team that has wins over Arkansas,California , and a 23 point win over Illinois and is tied with Indiana & Michigan for 2nd. place in the B10 Conference Standings. !!!
    My question is : Would Indiana have won the 2 games they lost had they had every roster player eligible and 100 % HEALTHY from day one. MY Answer is Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!
    Unfotunately we will never know !!!
    P.S. I hope the basketball Gods start smiling on the Hoosiers instead of hitting us with all of the [censured] suspensions and [ censured ] injuries !!!!

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