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Men's Div. 1 Hoops Unbeatens shrinks to 11. Possible

  • "Upset Alerts" for today-Saturday, Dec. 15,2012:::
    Cincinnati 9 & 0 @ Marshall 6 & 4 BUT 5 & 0 at HOME
    Michigan 9 & 0 vs. West Virginia 4 & 3 ( Maybe not so much as this is a Neutral Site game at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn ,New York!!) 8 PM ON ESPN
    Florida 7 & 0 AT Arizona 7 & 0 (One Unbeaten has to bite the dust in this one.) 10 PM on ESPN !!!
    Sunday, December 16,2012...
    Eastern Kentucky 9 & 0 @ Illinois 11 & 0 (Another Unbeaten has to fall in this one) 6 PM on ESPN-U !!
    So, After Sunday's Games, the UNBEATEN list will be down to at least 9 !!!!! The Number of Unbeatens will be in single figures before we even get to Conference play when the fur really begins to fly,so to speak,vbg !!! Will any Division One Men's Team make it through the regular season without tasting defeat ????
    Stay tuned !!!!