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My Christmas Wish List/Letter To: Coach Crean

  • First of all, Coach Crean, I love the excellent recruiting you have done over the past 3 or 4 years !! I love the 27 WINS last season (Especially after only 28 Wins the first 3 seasons !!)
    However, Please ,Please,Please, Don't ever coach another IU Basketball Game Like Mike Davis !! We went through 6 years of Davis's 3,4, & 5 Guard attack and losses after losses !! We saw Mike Davis recruit Big players then not use them in games which led to big players transferring to other schools !!!Coach, talk to your excellent assistant coaches and IU Radio Color Commentater, Royce Waltman, who was an assistant coach at IU under "The General" and then became the Head coach at Indiana State University. I believe Waltman defeated both IU and purwho while Head Coach at Indiana State. !!! Coach Crean , please listen to these men about playing some post defense !! You can't give up 42 points in the PAINT to any team, but especially a Butler team that lost to Illinois 78 to 61 and I believe only scored about 59 points versus Xavier in a 15 point LOSS !!! Yet ,The Hoosiers gave up 88 POINTS to Butler[Butler-dang it !!] Only 37.5 % of Butler's 88 POINTS came from the 3 point line!! The other 62.5 % of Butler's 88 POINTS came in the PAINT and at the free throw line !!! IN fact, The 42 POINTS that Butler scored in the PAINT was 47.7 % of their 88 Point total !! That was 10.2 % MORE points scored IN THE PAINT versus their 33 Points from the 3-point line. I would never have the big that is guarding Andrew Smith to follow him out to the 3-point and leave the paint unguarded by a BIG !!!
    Finally,Coach Crean, please look at tape from Al McGuire's 1977 NCAA Championship winning season ! See also tape from Jim Valvano's 1983 Championship winning Season. Valvano started 6'11" Thurl Bailey at Center and 6'7" Lorenzo Charles at Forward along with 3 guards [for the most part] but they protected the paint very well with just 2 bigs !!!!!!!
    It wouldn't hurt to look at tape from Rick Majerus's teams at Utah and St. Louis. These great coaches used zone defenses and mixed up defenses according to who they were playing. I doubt if these great coaches gave up 42 points IN THE PAINT very often ( IF EVER) in any of their games!!

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