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Notre Dame "UPSETS" purwho 81 to 68.he said

  • with tongue in cheek !!!! Seriously,This does take some sting out of IU's pathetic 88 to 86 loss in overtime to butler !! I have followed IU Basketball for 64 seasons now and I thought I was watching a Mike Davis coached Hoosier team today !!! How can you let a team like Butler get easy layup after easy layup !! IU has a 7'0" 235 POUND Center who can block shots ,yet Coach Crean did not use him to try to stop all of those easy points Butler got near the basket. It was those easy baskets that killed IU-not the 11 Three point baskets that Butler made,IMHO !!!!! Al McGuire used to say you gotta have an "Aircraft Carrier" in the middle !!! IU has an "Aircraft Carrier" in Peter Jurkin , again in my humble opinion. I was at IU's version of "Midnight Madness" and the public Scrimmage and I saw Jurkin get rebounds and block Cody Zeller's shots on more than ONE occasion. I Hate to say this, but if Coach Crean continues to coach like Mike Davis, its gonna be a long season,imho !!! We have to stop giving up easy baskets inside. We must develop an Inside defense as well as defend the other team's 3-point shooters !! Easier said than done,but it can be done. I have seen enough college basketball to kniow that this Hoosier team can play better defense , if it is using the right kind of defenses !!!

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