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RE: Guest Writer's article in the Kokomo Tribune which was not

  • very supportive of IU's Coach Crean [to say the very least] ????? ( Is this some jealous purdue fan who is irritated that Crean's Hoosiers just won their FIRST Outright Big Ten Regular season Chamionship in 20 seasons ?????) Crean has led the Hoosiers to 56 WINS in the past 69 GAMES. That's a winning percentage of 81.2 PERCENT against some of the toughest competition in the country [see Big Ten Conference with 4 teams in the "SWEET SIXTEEN " currently !! ] Crean has led the Hoosiers to Two Straight Sweet Sixteen appearances. How many other coaches of the 346 member Division One College Basketball Fraternity can say that ???????? The only thing that I can see as a problem with Crean's coaching is allowing an easy layup basket that cost IU losses to Butler and Illinois this season. I realize that Coach Crean was not out on the playing floor ( I believe his playing eligiblity has expired,vbg) .. However, I have a problem with the fact that IU has a roster that includes 7'0" Cody Zeller,6'8 Hanner Perea , 6'8" Derek Elston, 6'8" Christian Watford,,6'8" Jeremy Hollowell, 7'0" Peter Jurkin, and even 6'8" Jeff Howard that IU could allow uncontested layups and not have a "BIG" Zoning the basket to prevent easy layups. I know that Peter Jurkin has been injured for most of the entire season and that Jeremy Hollowell was suspended for the Butler game, I will never understand how any team with as many "Bigs" as IU has on its roster would not protect the basket from easy uncontested baskets by any opponent ... Having said that, I have only coached at the Boy's Club and Church level so I am no authority on Division One Men's Basketball. and Coach Crean is a damn good coach , an outstanding recruiter and an even a GREATER Person. .I hope he will forgive my few negative comments and continue coaching and recruiting his @$$ off, vbg !!!! Go Crean-Go Hoosiers - BEAT THE ORANGE ..

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