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When Did ESPN purchase the NCAA and take over their duties??

  • What arrogance and fat-headed egos at ESPN!! Indiana university has won 28 games and lost 66 over the past 3 seasons as they continue to recover from the Kelvin Sampson disaster. That is a winning percentage of only 29.8%. If A-Hope & Indiana Elite has been illegaly feeding players into IU, they sure have been doing a lousy job of it. Does ESPN think that Tijan Jobe is going to replace Shaq as the best center in the NBA?
    If ESPN is going to continue to act like the NCAA they should take a long look at the University that is located in Lexington ,Kentucky. Back in the 1950's Kentucky got the death penalty one year for a point shaving scandal . There have been so many cases of cheating at Kentucky that I probably will forget some of them. However,here is what I do remember: During Eddie Sutton's short tenure at KY, there was the package of $100 bills that was accidently ripped open in California that was being sent to a Ky player's father,I believe. Then it came out that former KY Coach,Joe B. Hall paid players to come to play at KY for 13 years!!
    Now,Kentucky has a head Coach who left UMASS as soon as the NCAA started snooping into his program at UMASS. Then ,this Coach[Calipari] takes over at Memphis{State} and then decides to jump ship as soon as the NCAA starts sniffing around into his program at Memphis!! Then ,Kentucky hires this tainted coach with his past baggage and he immediately lands the #1 Rated recruiting classes in all of division one basketball 3 years in a row?????
    I certainly think the NCAA and Espn should be investigating this repeated offending University instead of a program that is 28 & 66 over the past 3 seasons !!

    This post was edited by hoosiertildeath 3 years ago

  • Agree with you on this!

    mkillian247 on twitter..... I say a lot of stuff you wont care about.