No Bucket for IU

IU fans saw the Hoosiers go from a one-win team in 2011 to a team that played a meaningful game in November, but IU still ended the season with three consecutive losses by more than 20 points, as the Hoosiers fell 56-35 at Purdue on Saturday.

After falling in West Lafayette 56-35, IU head coach Kevin Wilson is now 0-2 against Purdue.

“It’s really hard for us," junior safety Greg Heban said. "Coming after the Illinois and Iowa game, we had momentum coming back to that Wisconsin, Penn State and then this game, I feel like we just lost it all."

The Hoosiers led Purdue 21-14 at halftime behind the performance of junior running back Stephen Houston, who had 123 rushing yards and all three touchdowns in the first half. He ended the game with 158 on the ground.

In the second half, however, the Boilermakers were able to put up 42 points on the IU defense, breaking tackles and putting together big play after big play.

The biggest came with 10:40 left to go in the game, as Purdue quarterback Robert Marve hit running back Akeem Shavers for a 73-yard touchdown pass. The drive had begun at Purdue’s one-yard line, and the score gave the Boilermakers a 42-35 lead and all the momentum.

Purdue continued to exert its will on IU for the remainder of the second half, outscoring IU 42-14 in the second frame. IU head coach Kevin Wilson said the final three games of the season weren't what he envisioned.

“It’s disappointing the last three games," Wilson said, "to let the scores get up the way they did, to let the turnovers get the way they did and not tackle and play as good defense the last three weeks.”

The game was the final contest for key Hoosier contributors such as defensive tackle Adam Replogle and center Will Matte. Wilson said the players in their final season didn't see the success they deserved.

“We're sad for the seniors leaving," Wilson said. "Those guys did a great job and we owe them a few more wins that, as players and coaches, we didn’t get done.”

The loss disappointed Matte, especially because of how much he said the team improved during the course of his senior season.

“It’s definitely not what we wanted, but I’m definitely proud of what these guys have done over the season, considering a lot of them were pretty young," Matte said. "It’s hard to believe that it’s over, but I’m proud of what I’ve done, I’m proud of what the seniors did and I’m not looking back.”

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  • It's official..the 2012 Hoosier defense is the most pathetic in the school (maybe country's) history!!. These guys couldn't tackle a peg legged pirate in the open field...don't touch a running back till he's 3 yards across the line and wouldn't know which receiver to cover if he had flashing neon numbers. I was actually laughing out loud with the number of missed tackles..Mark Murphy being carried down t he field twice by runners , Marshall tackling air and and Flo Hardin bouncing off anyone he hit. Don't even try to find the LB' where to be found.Combine this defense with Seth Littrel's bi-polar play calling (either brilliant or the totally wrong call at just the right time)..throw in the 5 illegal motion penalties from confused plays coming in late..mulitple high throws by Coffman..and drops by receivers and there you have your harried Hoosiers. Sorry but in the last third of the season this team has badly reverted. A putrid, pathetic performance against the Boilers..who looked like champs against this awful Hoosier team.

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  • This loss summed up the problems with the team this year. Unable to build on momentum. A big part of that is defense, but Coffman could have done more. Enouraged by the talent we have coming in next year and will be great to have Tre back

  • I'm not sure it's so much not being able to build momentum as to sustain it and control it. This team, I think, was too young to really understand how to manage a game, play with momentum, keep its foot on the accelerator, whatever cliche you want to use.

    Also, Coffman has struggled in recent weeks, but the one defense I will offer — and I think this is easy to forget — is that he is just a true sophomore with as many games of experience as he's played in this year. Easy to see him as older or more experienced than he is.

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  • I'm a Wilson fan but to stand up there and say "we played good"...who the hell was he referring too. They scored some points..but had multiple overthrows in key situations..5 illegal motion penalties attributed directly to late play calls and confusion in our really "fast" offense..and a defense that just bounced off runners, receivers, referees cheerleaders and who ever..they don't hit and drive..they don't wrap up..that defense sucks./..period. This team is in serious regression from early season improvement..and I have to look at the coaches.

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